Simply Distinguish The Difference Between Fluorocarbon And Nylon Fishing Line

- Dec 13, 2018-

Simply distinguish the difference between Fluorocarbon and nylon fishing line

In the process of fishing, fishermen often talk about carbon fishing line and nylon fishing line. So how do you see the difference between the two lines? Some simple differences will allow you to distinguish between carbon and nylon monofilament fishing line.

The appearance of the carbon line is black and the texture is better. If it is a wire of the same diameter, the carbon wire has a large fishing force. The biggest difference between carbon line and nylon line is that it does not absorb water. If it is half an hour after the ordinary nylon line is immersed, the tension will decrease, but the carbon line will not be like this. Here are some comparisons.

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Carbon line:

It has strong water cut, large specific gravity, high strength, poor ductility and easy deformation. It is not suitable to float on the surface of the water. It will reduce the resistance when lifting.

Carbon wire friction is easy to heat

Carbon wire is not afraid of drying

The carbon wire is not easily deformed and is generally used to make the brain line (sub-line).

After burning the carbon wire, the carbon wire will turn into a black powder. We say that the carbon ash is a small line of burning, and the ash is a fluorocarbon fishing line.

Nylon fishing line

The water cut is poor, the specific gravity is small, and it has a certain ductility, and it is relatively easy to float on the water surface.

The nylon fishing line is afraid of the sun because it will become brittle after exposure.

If the nylon line is ignited, he will burn very quickly and there will be no black powder after burning. We often burn and produce oil droplets, and continue to drop down. After the oil droplets condense, it feels like a nylon fishing line.

Therefore, we often judge the true and false way of carbon line is: burn it with fire, see if there is black carbon powder, if there is black powder, it is really carbon line.