The Method Of Testing The Fishing Line And The Role Of The Fish Line Indicators

- Sep 25, 2018-


1, several simple test methods


Tensile test: The pull test is simple. Take a section of the fishing line, and tie the two ends to a wooden stick. Pull it hard and see how much the fishing line has a tensile force. Xiaole originally purchased a roll of fishing line, and the result was tied to a lighter and pulled directly like a cotton thread. Later, in the face of a living reality, the boss only changed me.


Extension test: The method is the same, but the strength of the hands is different! After the test, observe the rebound of the fishing line. If the rebound is good, the fish line is very ductile and elastic. If the rebound is not good, you can understand the result.


Wear resistance test: The wear resistance test of the fishing line is actually very simple, that is, the degree of tensile strength can be tested after knotting. Although this method is not very scientific for the wear resistance test, it is sufficient to test this condition with limited conditions. It is not good to break the line directly after the knotting; it is still able to withstand a certain tension after the knotting, indicating that the wear resistance is more reliable.


Softness test: Take a section of the fish line and place it in the palm of your hands. If the line is basically unaffected, the comprehensive indicator of the softness of the line is good. But if you become a singer in the future, you don't need to say that you understand. For the softness test, more fishermen are concerned, the colder and colder autumn, the softness of the strands after entering the water.


The test method is very simple: take a section of the strand and place it in the freezer of the refrigerator. After five minutes, look at the feel and basically judge the softness. Especially when fishing for squid, in this way, in the various fishing environments such as competitions, you can choose the best preparation for the competition.


2. The role of various indicators of fishing line 

Pulling force: Pulling force is very simple to raise and squid. If the wire diameter is smaller, the other the index is not affected, the greater the pulling force, indicating that the quality of the wire is more reliable.


Extensibility: If it is a hemp fishing, only the number can be solved by the numbering, so the fishing can be carried out when the hemp rope is very thick. Once you encounter a giant object, needless to say, there is no rebound and ductility to resist the impact of a certain degree of fish in the water, fishing is purely force and force strangulation, no beauty at all. Because of the extension and flexibility of the fishing line, it is able to pull the fish and the fish when it is against the excessive impact of the fish.


Wear and softness: These two points are directly related to the life of the fishing line, so it is very important to choose a cost-effective fishing line according to the method.


Summary: In fishing, the fishing line in the line system occupies a very important position.


We can say unceremoniously: There is no line group to come fishing. So, seriously facing the choice and use of fishing lines is not only related to the fun of fishing, the amount of fishing, the fishing process, but also the growth and improvement of our fishing skills. How to choose carefully can not be overemphasized.