The Story Of NTEC Brand

- Sep 17, 2018-



Our brand is conceived according to “New Technology/New Technology”, which reflects the company’s stance and determination to enhance the value of the technology and the environment, promote the value of society and customers, and show the company’s challenge attitude.

The company specializes in the research and development of polymer monofilament materials as its business field, and strives to carry out technological innovations, continuously providing original solutions and creating value, and building NTEC and its sub-brands into a corporate brand with world influence.

Sub-brand trademark:


In order to cater to different consumer groups and the different characteristics of products and brands, NTEC has implemented a multi-brand strategy.

The main brand form is simple, representing the company's calm and wise; it represents the technology and efficiency of the product; it represents the refreshing and clean culture.

The sub-brands include English trademarks designed to cater to foreign countries, as well as domestic Chinese trademarks. Fulekai means that users can work happily and can complete tasks; flying cats are not ordinary cats, which means that performance is very prominent; Fuwa's meaning is as powerful as tennis player Sharapova.