V Shape Straight Yarn+ Curly Yarn Artificial Grass,synthetic Grass For Landscaping Fields

- Nov 10, 2016-

Quick Details

Place of Origin:
Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
landscaping fields
olive green ,field green ,lemon green , lime green and so on
Regular, diamond, stem/spine, "V", "W", "U", "S"
Landscape, Soccer field, Rugby, Tennis, Hocky, Golf, etc.
Eco-friendly, Anti-UV, Heavy metals free, etc.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:paper bobbin,Paper bobbin+paper card+plastic pallet 10 pallets / 20' FCL 20 Pallets / 40' FCL
Delivery Detail:according to the quantity of the order

Artificial grass yarn :


Product Description
a. straight/tape/flat artificial grass yarn    
    Spec. : 2000D-10000D
    Filament : 6F/8F
    Steam/Spine : dual/double, three 
    e.g. : 12000D/6F, 8800D/8F, etc.


b. curly/curl artificial grass yarn
    Spec. : 2000D-10000D
    Filament : 6F/8F
    e.g. : 4400D/6F, 9500D/8F, etc.


c. straight & curly artificial grass yarn    
    Spec. : 6000D-14000D

    Filament : 16F (8 & 8) 

Color:  Green,Red,White,Blue,ect. any color is possible according to customer

Shape:  straight/u/v/twisting

Sport:   Soccer/Golf/Basketball/Badminton/Volleyball/Tennis

Certification:   ISO9001

Material: PP/PE

Property: ROHS/SGS/ USA standard/ UV resistant/burnt-resistance  

Warranty: 8-9 years warranty with durable green


 NTEC artificial grass series have the superior weather-resistance,softness and security that apply widely to all kinds of leisure.

It has the entertainment places,kindergartens,villa gardens and roofs and other places.

1, the artificial lawn has a bright appearance, the four seasons green, vivid, good drainage performance, long service life, low maintenance cost advantages.
2, artificial turf sports system in basic quality requirements mainly in three aspects: hardness, flatness and drainage slope.
3, artificial grass simple maintenance, low maintenance cost, rinse immediately with water to remove dirt, and has the characteristics of do not fade, changeless form.
4, beautiful artificial turf sports venues overall layout, utilization rate is high, service life can reach more than 10 years, and durable, easy maintenance, can be all-weather continuous use.
5, artificial grass green material, finished product construction, fixed and short time limit, the quality is easy to master, acceptance is simple, does not need too many professional knowledge.
6, artificial pasture utilization rate is high, shock absorption, and no noise, safe and non-toxic, full of elasticity, flame retardant performance is good wait for a characteristic, very suitable for school, is currently the best activities, training, competition venues.
7, the concept of artificial turf for safety protection, so can avoid sports injury. It provides enough buffer force, reduce the general hard court on foot can cause damage, let you have no concerns caused by site.
8, all materials are conform to the requirements of environmental protection, artificial turf surface layer can be reused. Foundation laid using original dig up the soil and sand, conform to the principle of waste reduction and the use of natural objects.
9, basic not with adhesive layer. Only change the surface layer of use fixed number of year end face to face, and investment cost is low.
10, the playground planning into a plane, without any uneven, and the new structure has the function of damping decompression reduces the noise on the playground, to reduce the interference in class.
11, lawn clearance use clean high proportion of quartz sand, causes the student to have the chance to close to the soil and not dirty environment and body and was relieved some cleaning problems.


 High fidelity of the artificial grass yarn can keep the artificial grass all the year round green.

•No fertilizing or weeding. Low maintenance cost.
•Bright in color. Beautiful and tasteful.
•Aging resistant. Long lifetime.
•Simple paving, less joints and no marks.
•Wide range of application. artificial grass yarn can be used as the interior decoration, courtyard landscape and greening.
•Soft to touch, comfortable to foot, and good elasticity.

•The artificial grass yarn is fine. It is the best alternative of natural grass.

A) Abrasion resistance

B) Durability

C) Safety

D)Longer life

E) Soft and comfortable,

F) Similar to natural grass

G) UV protection, no fade, always green, no matter season change

H)Easy installation and maintenance

Product Uses

 Artificial grass yarn for turf 

A. Leisure/landscaping:Roof, balcony, swimming pool, kindergartens and other places

Garden, villas and other senior club
B. Sports: Football, golf, fitness, volleyball court, tennis court, basketball court, badminton courts and other sports ven