What Is Monofilament Yarn

- Aug 03, 2018-

The monofilament yarn is a simple synthetic fiber monofilament which is strong enough to be used without being entangled with other filaments into a yarn. For the preparation of polymeric fibers, the polymeric material must first be dissolved in a solvent or by melting into liquid.

Monofilament yarn is a kind of artificial plastic wire like hair. It belongs to the textile chemical fiber industry. It is professionally used to produce a single filament with a small number of single-hole spinnerets in the production of chemical fiber. After the synthetic resin is melted, it is passed through a fine stream of the raw liquid which is extruded through the capillary hole of the spinneret, and is condensed, and then wound into a monofilament bobbin by the untwisted stretching and the splitting. Artificial monofilament bristles may also be referred to as.