Why We Use Polyester Wire Instead Of Iron Steels In The Greenhouse?

- Nov 30, 2020-

Why we use polyester wire instead of iron steels in the greenhouse?

When it comes to iron wire, everyone familiar with it; But when it comes to polyester wire, there are still many people who don’t know. With the development of high technology, knowledge is updated faster and faster, and information technology is also developing rapidly. Therefore, the iron wire steel wire will be replaced by new products.



NTEC Polyester Wire 1mm~5mmm


100% polyester virgin chips



Net weight

10KG/Spool or 20KG bulk package




Transparent ,Black,other colors can be customized


5KG ,10KG,20KG per spool or bulk.


Standard packing 2spools/ctn or bulk package one roll /ctn

polyester wire is a new type of product that has better performance than iron wire, which is resistant to high and low temperature, acid and alkali, aging and radiation. This new type of product is called polyester wire or PET wire. Everyone knows that iron wire steel wire is heavy and inconvenient to carry, but the polyester wire polyester wire is lighter. The total weight is one-tenth of the steel wire iron wire, and the handling is relatively simple.


 The iron wire will expand and contract with the change of temperature. The heat expansion and contraction are obvious, so the durability is poor. In this case, the length of the iron wire needs to be increased or the wire is tightened. At the same time, the iron wire is easy to conduct electricity, and the plastic film may be burned in the event of lightning , Or cause some harm to people. polyester wire will not change with temperature changes, and will permanently maintain the original performance of the original state, because it is a carbon-containing polyester compound, so it is not conductive. In large-scale greenhouse production bases, loose iron wires are dangerous to the machines and will cause expensive machines to be scrapped. Existing machines can be used to straighten polyester wires tightly without harming the machine.


 The iron wire will be easily corroded after using for a long time, while the polyester wire polyester wire will not be corroded. The rust of the iron wire is an insurmountable problem. The rusty iron wire will affect the service life of the plastic film and shorten the service life of the iron wire. . polyester wire and polyester wire will not rust and have a service life of up to ten years. Iron wire steel wire must invest manpower and material resources once a year to tighten the iron wire. The polyester wire polyester thread does not require the investment of manpower and material resources to tighten the polyester wire polyester thread. The weight and hardness of the iron wire make installation and adjustment difficult.


The polyester wire polyester wire has the characteristics of light weight and flexibility, and is easy to install. It is difficult to repair the wire after corrosion and fracture. The polyester wire polyester wire does not break, and the tensile force is strong. The above polyester wire polyester thread is obviously compared with the iron wire steel wire. The polyester wire polyester thread is low in price, high in quality, environmentally friendly, and convenient to use. The perfect polyester wire polyester thread can completely replace the iron wire steel wire.