• PP And PE Grass Yarn

    PP And PE Grass Yarn

    NTEC artificial grass series have the superior weather-resistance, softness and security that widely apply to all kinds of leisure. It is uesd in garden, roof, road greening, decoration and activity field, which can safely protect the people. The package of PP&PE grass yarn is paper bobbin,...

  • 550yards PE Line

    550yards PE Line

    550Yards Packaging High Strength PE Braided Fishing Line The high speed braided machine gives the powerful strength with thin diameter.This is undeniably the best fishing line in terms of tensile strength, which refers to breakload per diameter. Alternately, you may also choose to put the odds...

  • 2300yards PE Line
  • PP Curly Grass Yarn

    PP Curly Grass Yarn

    pp curly grassYarn

  • PE Fibrillated Grass Yarn

    PE Fibrillated Grass Yarn

    Our company is a successful manufacturer in the field of PE fibrillated yarn, we offer good elasticity, simple maintenance work with low cost and environmentally PE fibrillated yarn to many customers in the world. This kind artificial yarn can be used in hockey and tennis, mainly in sports. The...

  • PE Straight Grass Yarn

    PE Straight Grass Yarn

    We are exporter in kinds of artificial grass yarn, it is PE straight yarn in the picture. This kind of yarn can be used for sports, like football court and baseball court. PE straight yarn has soft texture and good cushioning properties, so it may make smaller danger to the athletes. Its denier...

  • PE Curly Grass Yarn

    PE Curly Grass Yarn

    Artificial grasss yarns in our company are eco-friendly, we have got ROHS, SGS, USA standard, UV resistant and burnt-resisitance certificates. It is PE curly yarn in the picture, its color is pure white. Actually, any color is ok according to your requirements. PE curly yarn has excellent...

  • 1100yards PE Line

    1100yards PE Line

    1100Yards Packaging Multicolored Polyethylene Braided Line Optional colors coating benefits from the special coating process.Unlike slow-sinking mono and fast-falling fluorine, PE braided line floats. This makes it a great choice for top water lures.Due to their exceptionally thin diameter, not...

  • 150Yards Fluorocarbon Line

    150Yards Fluorocarbon Line

    Fluorocarbon Line 150Yards Packaging 150 Yards Fluorocarbon Fishing Line In the fishing world,the fluorocarbon line is extruded in a single strand similar to nylon monofilament. But because fluorocarbon's molecules are more tightly packed, the line is denser and noticeably heavier by size....

  • PP Fibrillated Grass Yarn

    PP Fibrillated Grass Yarn

    We are a manufacturer of PP fibrillated yarn, in good quality, high wear resistance and outstanding durability. You can see the PP fibrillated yarn is black, but the color of yarn can be dyed, any color is ok according to your requirements. Also, the twist of the yarn can be customized. In fact,...

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