Concrete PP Fiber

Concrete PP Fiber
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Concrete PP fiber

Concrete PP fiber is a polypropylene as the main raw material, adopting unique manufacturing process to make high strength bundle monofilament fiber. Join concrete (or mortar) can effectively control concrete (or mortar) micro-cracks which is caused by plastic shrinkage, temperature changes and other factors, to prevent and inhibit the formation and development of cracks, greatly improved crack resistance of concrete, impact resistance and seismic capacity.


Technical Parameter



Raw Material




 Crack Elongation



Fiber Type


Elasticity Modulus

≥ 3000Mpa

Melting Point (C Deg.)

160 - 170

Fiber Diameter


Acid & Alkali Resistance


Tensile Strength

560 min.

Water Absorbency



0.91~0.93 g/cm3

Normal length

4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 19mm, or as your request



Feature & Usage: 

1. PP fiber wave form can be instead of steel fiber in cement concrete for anti-crack. Easy to disperse and construct.

2. Suggestion of Additive rate: 5.4kgs fiber in one cubic meter concrete. (not less than 2.7kg/M3)

3. Technic of mixture: Put the fiber into detritus first, then put grit to mix for about 2 minutes, to make the fiber to be dispersed. Then put cement and water to mix as per normal technology.

Suitable Project

1. Spray Concrete: Culvert support, mountain slope protection and other support projects.

2. Basement seepage, reservoir and low pressure water pipes and other projects.

3. Water conservancy and hydro power projects spillway, gate plate and other high-speed water.

4. Corrosive environment of seawater concrete works.

5. Roads, railways and other bridges.

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